The #mindyourtrip campaign on location

On June 11th, we launched the new online intervention, for users of New Psychoactive Substances (also known as ‘legal highs’ or ‘designer drugs’).

The main goal of is give objective information to NPS-users and to give them the chance to monitor and asses their use. When desired, users can do one of the three modules to change something about their use.

We have printed promocards that can be used to promote Mindyourtrip at events. Do you want to promote Mindyourtrip at your event or festival? Get in touch with the Mindyourtrip-partner in the Netherlands:

Tactus Verslavingszorg
Postbus 154
7400 AD Deventer
Tel: +31 88 382 28 87

Facebook and Instagram

To promote the web-based intervention, social media accounts are created to target potentially interested persons. We have a Facebook and Instagram account which you can follow and where we’ll post regular updates to promote our website and app and provide information.

If you want to help spread the word about Mind Your Trip, just share what you like:



Short clips are used on Youtube as bumper ads to promote You’ll find the clips that can be used and shared on our Youtube channel. Click on the image to the left to see the first clip.