get insight

Get Insight

The focus in this module is to keep track of your use of substances. For a certain period of time, you’ll be keeping note of your substance use daily in the logbook in the app. We will help you analyse your behaviour: what, when and how much do you use.

We offer three online programs. Short courses to help you to get grip on your trip. Free of costs and fully anonymous. A personal online coach helps you through the program during a period of 4 weeks. He or she is a professional counsellor, working in addiction care.

Every module starts with some personal questions. This helps your coach to give you the best advise. Each program has its own goals: gain insight into your use, safer use, reduce or quit your substance use.

Your coach sends you online messages, several assignments and tips, and helps you to set your goals. This will help you to gain insight into your NPS use. It can also help you to change your using habits. You can always upgrade to a next module. You can stop at any time you want.

During the program, you can ask your coach questions about your personal situation. You can also give updates on how you are doing and what possible problems you encounter reaching your goals. And of course, celebrate your successes when achieving them!

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